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Book Review – Mrs Book Burner

 5/5 I was hooked from the beginning of this book and read it in one sitting. The fact that story has been written loosely based on the authors own family’s experience makes the story even more interesting and I love that we saw this over many years. This enabled the reader to truly understand what they experienced and shows… Read More »Book Review – Mrs Book Burner

Book Review – Jacleomik33

 5/5 I really enjoyed this book! It’s truly a beautiful story. Each character is done very well but the relationship between Sam & his wife is amazing! Over six decades of marriage regardless of what life has thrown at them; they stick together. The author did a wonderful job bringing such a personal story to life! Very well written!… Read More »Book Review – Jacleomik33

Book Review – Liesbeth Heenk

 5/5 For many Jews who experienced the trauma of the Holocaust, either directly in Europe, or indirectly in America looking on helplessly from afar, the idea of the existence of ‘God’ was brought under direct scrutiny. Understandably, many who suffered asked the question, “How could there be a God who would allow such death and destruction, so much pain… Read More »Book Review – Liesbeth Heenk

Book Review – Veronika Jordan

 5/5 Life was tough for a poor Jewish farming family in Eastern Europe at the turn of the century. Sam was born soon after into a very large family. Even the children worked to feed and clothe everyone. His older brothers and sisters had already emigrated to America and Sam is determined to follow. But that would mean breaking… Read More »Book Review – Veronika Jordan

Book Review – Ivory Owl

 5/5 As a book reviewer, I am afforded the opportunity to read a wide variety of books. I have worked with major and independent publishers, read the hottest books months before they hit the bestsellers charts, and built relationships with some of my favorite authors. However, some of my most rewarding experiences have been discovering what I might call… Read More »Book Review – Ivory Owl

Roni Robbins’ “Hands of Gold” explores and celebrates one man’s soul

At the suggestion of his daughter, nursing home resident Sam Fox records his life story. “Now where to being with this taping for Eliza? I was a decent man, I suppose.” In that “I suppose,” author/journalist Roni Robbins sets in motion the engaging but unreliable narrator in Hands of Gold, subtitled One Man’s Ouest to the Find the Silver Lining… Read More »Roni Robbins’ “Hands of Gold” explores and celebrates one man’s soul

Robbins Recounts Her Grandfather’s ‘Hands of Gold’

The struggles encountered by Samuel and Hannah in “Hands of Gold” were a product of the times, making it out of Hungary and landing in Canada before sneaking across the border to New York in the early 1900s. Granted, we have struggles of our own in these more modern times, but nothing like what Samuel and Hannah experienced. The constant… Read More »Robbins Recounts Her Grandfather’s ‘Hands of Gold’