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Book Reviews

Layla Promotions’ Book Review

Hands of Gold Book Review By Layla Promotions Sam Fox, the main character in “Hands of Gold: One Man’s Quest to Find the Silver Lining in Misfortune,” is an imperfect man who navigates through the challenges of life just like all the rest of us. Sometimes he’s a putz. Other times a mensch. He laments. He celebrates. He questions. What’s… Read More »Layla Promotions’ Book Review

Book Review-Donna Barnett

I had to wipe away my flood of tears before writing this! Hands of Gold was magnificent. I am passing it on to every Jewish person I know. It deserves every single award it’s received, even though I know nothing about them! Why, you might want to know? I have read many, many books on that era and the holocaust,… Read More »Book Review-Donna Barnett

Book Review – Oluronke Bello

It’s been a long time since I read a novel, especially a good one, but going through the pages of Hands of Gold by Roni Kayne Robbins was really worth it. The novel is truly loaded.The book vividly captures the Fox family’s journey through adversity, offering a heartfelt exploration of their determination to survive.The spotlight on Shimshon’s resilience is especially… Read More »Book Review – Oluronke Bello

Lynda’s Book Reviews

 5/5 This is an historical novel drawing on the life of the author’s grandfather. True events are interwoven into the lifetime of a fictional Jewish man, Sam Fox. So well written and heartfelt this is an inspiring story about a brave and resourceful man. Briefly, born in Hungary but having emigrated to America Sam, in his fading years, is… Read More »Lynda’s Book Reviews

Book Review – Dan Farkas

 5/5 That the subject of Hands of Gold by Roni Robbins was reluctant to put the story on to the cassette tapes supplied by his loving daughter is a measure of the man’s humility. It took two generations for his granddaughter, the author, to put the man’s words down on the written page. That man would be proud of Hands… Read More »Book Review – Dan Farkas

Book Review – Mrs Book Burner

 5/5 I was hooked from the beginning of this book and read it in one sitting. The fact that story has been written loosely based on the authors own family’s experience makes the story even more interesting and I love that we saw this over many years. This enabled the reader to truly understand what they experienced and shows… Read More »Book Review – Mrs Book Burner

Book Review – Jacleomik33

 5/5 I really enjoyed this book! It’s truly a beautiful story. Each character is done very well but the relationship between Sam & his wife is amazing! Over six decades of marriage regardless of what life has thrown at them; they stick together. The author did a wonderful job bringing such a personal story to life! Very well written!… Read More »Book Review – Jacleomik33