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Book Review – Oluronke Bello

It’s been a long time since I read a novel, especially a good one, but going through the pages of Hands of Gold by Roni Kayne Robbins was really worth it. The novel is truly loaded.
The book vividly captures the Fox family’s journey through adversity, offering a heartfelt exploration of their determination to survive.
The spotlight on Shimshon’s resilience is especially compelling, revealing his determined quest to reach America. Despite the disparity between his expectations and the harsh reality, Shimshon’s resilience carries him through, embodying the proverbial notion that “the grass is always greener on the other side.” Shimshon’s indomitable spirit guides him through challenges.
As an African reader, the pages of “Hands of Gold” resonated with relatable experiences, particularly Hannah’s challenges adapting to her husband’s large family and the constant conflicts within. The book challenges media stereotypes about the relationships between Jews and non-Jewish families, portraying a reality where both communities coexist peacefully.
The characters in “Hands of Gold” are deeply portrayed, each navigating unique challenges with strength. Shlomo, the eldest son, shoulders responsibilities beyond his years, Hershel emerges as a street-smart youth, and Hannah, the matriarch, stands resilient amidst adversity. Their emotional depth makes them both relatable and compelling.
The narrative delves into themes of resilience, survival, and the intricate dynamics of family life amid financial and health challenges. It captures the hardships of making ends meet, the sacrifices made for the greater good, and the resilience needed to endure overwhelming odds.
“Hands of Gold” resonates with authenticity, offering a glimpse into the daily struggles of a family fighting against numerous odds. It evokes empathy, showcasing the strength and unity exhibited by the Fox family amidst trials and underscoring the power of determination and resilience.
In conclusion, “Hands of Gold” is a fully loaded and emotionally charged read for those interested in the human experience of resilience and family struggles during challenging times. Roni Robbins deserves commendation for skillfully crafting this compelling narrative, making “Hands of Gold” a worthwhile and impactful read.

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