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Book Review – Stephanie Gomez


Where do I begin? First of, I’m not a big reader, but this novel proves otherwise. Typically, if I pick up a book it takes me months to finish it. With Hands of Gold it took me a month exactly. The astonishing life of Shimshon, otherwise known as Sam in America and Montreal. 

His story begins in the Old Country which gives you a sense of a Jewish life back in Europe, the hardship and fascinating family daily struggles of providing, taking risks, maintaining a farm considering the disheartening factors of Mother Nature. A boy, who then grows up into a young man, taking risks, wanting to impress his dying father who showed nothing but strengths and life lessons. Traveling to America illegally to evade the Czech army. The entire novel was full of adventures, truly finding the Silver Lining in his misfortunes. Working nonstop, traveling on foot for days and days, taking risks, and jobs at every corner to gain a few bucks here and there just so he can keep going. The survival and life of this man; all the way from landing in Montreal, encountering Jewish families who fed him and allowed him to crash at their place until he finally reached America- New York! It doesn’t end there; in fact, it only gets better. After meeting his sweet Hannah (his wife) in Montreal, Sam managed to have five children. Working non stop to provide, getting sick with TB and hopping from one hospital to the next, doctors exclaiming he needs to stop working or else he will die, moving apartments religiously, having his child die before him. I mean, this novel is full of adventures; definitely a page flipper. Roni Robbins couldn’t have written this novel any better. Her family has been through hell and back while finding fortune in their misfortune at times. It’s captivating, surreal and Sam who is impervious to any weakness, raised all five of their children, married them, paid for it, all while having his one and only love by his side, Hannah- a true backbone. I highly recommend this book. Since this novel, I picked up three more books and suddenly became a boo worm. Hands of Gold turned me into a book lover. No book, and nobody has managed to make this happen- but she did it! She cured me. I could read this book all over again tomorrow. I don’t want to spoil it for you; you have to just pick it up and read it. 

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