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Hands of Gold: One Man’s Quest To Find The Silver Lining In Misfortune by Roni Robbins

Hands of Gold is a work of fiction based on the true story of a fascinating Jewish man who overcame so many hardships, while maintaining his tremendous love of life.

Sam Fox spent his whole life running against the hands of time. His path takes him from war-torn Europe at the turn of the 20th century through Prohibition, the Great Depression, labor union reforms and the golden age of radio and television in America.

He’ll face a number of financial, emotional and health challenges along the way. Namely, he’ll contract tuberculosis, accidentally kill a man in a trolley collision, lose a grown son to leukemia, and walk thousands of miles across several countries to flee antisemitism in pre-Nazi Europe.

Hands of Gold weaves together Sam’s love affair with his “girl,” Hannah, and his immigrant adventures. From his early days as a self-centered hustler – a character you’ll love to hate – to his travails as family provider, Sam ultimately gains our sympathy as he exposes the frailty of life and proves his strength as a survivor in the face of unmistakable odds.

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