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Life at the Deathbed: Hospice Nurse Uses TikTok to Teach About Dying

Hospice Nurse Julie, as she is known on TikTok, didn’t start out trying to be a social media star. Julie McFadden, RN, BSN, told Medscape Medical News she was just trying to normalize death and dying, taking the fear out an often-taboo subject, particularly in life’s last moments. The result, however, has put her in the spotlight.

Six months ago, McFadden started posting upbeat TikTok videos, inspired by her young nieces, in an effort to educate the public about what she’s experienced as a Los Angeles hospice nurse for the past 5 years. Before that, she was an ICU nurse for 14 years…

By Roni Robbins, award-winning journalist, and author of Hands of Gold, an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarter finalist set for Feb 4, 2022 release by Amsterdam Publishers.

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