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This is an historical novel drawing on the life of the author’s grandfather. True events are interwoven into the lifetime of a fictional Jewish man, Sam Fox. So well written and heartfelt this is an inspiring story about a brave and resourceful man.

Briefly, born in Hungary but having emigrated to America Sam, in his fading years, is asked by his children to record his life story and what a fascinating and inspiring story it is. It tells the story of ordinary Jews in a town in Hungary and sets out the trials and struggles and triumphs of their progress to the promised land of America in the 1930s. There are so many moving stories about Sam, his constant companion and wife Hannah and their children. In particular there is the recovery of an heirloom from Nazi Hungary by one of his sons.

The fact that story has been written loosely based on the authors own family’s experience makes the story even more evocative. I was enthralled by the whole story, spanning many years, and sharing the hard times and the good times made me keep turning the pages when I should be sleeping. A great historical family drama.

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