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Weaving Heritage into Fiction with Roni Robbins

When Roni Robbins decided to weave her grandfather’s life tales into an award-winning novel, she didn’t just pen a story; she ignited a conversation about passion, transition, and the resilience of the human spirit. “Hands of Gold” isn’t merely her debut novel; it’s a testament to the enduring power of heritage and the richness of a career transformed by storytelling. Join me, Wanda Pearson, as we explore Roni’s captivating journey from the factual world of journalism to the boundless realms of fiction. Together, we unravel the threads of identity, immigration, and overcoming adversity, themes that remain strikingly relevant even two decades after the novel’s conception.

Within the layers of Roni’s narrative lies a symbol as versatile as it is poignant—the human hand. It’s a motif that bears the weight of history, the touch of kindness, and the scars of prejudice. Our discussion transcends the pages of her book, as we share personal anecdotes about the power of networking and the art of collaboration. Roni’s experience highlights the importance of stepping out of comfort zones and forging connections that open doors to new opportunities, a lesson as valuable for seasoned writers as it is for those just finding their voice. Don’t miss this episode, where passion and legacy intertwine, offering a compelling glance into the future of a novelist who’s just getting started.

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