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Hands of Gold is the take of Shimshon/Samuel, a Jewish man born in Jacovo in the early 20th century. Determined to break out of poverty and end the generational cycle he strives to move to America and get better things for his family and his future. He faces many struggles along the way. However, throughout Sam’s tale is the ongoing theme of resilience and determination.
I love history and lately have taken a keen interest in novels set in early 20th century. I was particularly struck by Sam’s innocence and naivety. His need to catch his dream almost led him to self -destruction and I think that’s something we can all relate to. I enjoyed the character development throughout this although I think I would have liked to have heard more from other characters such as his siblings and Mama, although I accept as this is a first person narration it can often happen that other characters are in the background. This was incredibly emotionally riveting and I was struck deeply by the importance of tradition and how hope is rooted deeply in cultural traditions. Overall this was a heartwarming and fascinating insight into one of the most important historical events of the world.

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